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We Help Our Clients Process The Loss Of A Loved One

Facing the loss of a loved one, whether it be a parent, spouse, or child, changes the course of a person’s life. The result of such a devastating event can also include the loss of support, economic loss, or the loss of love and affection. During your time of grief, it may be difficult to make a decision that is in the best interest of the survivors. Insurance companies will always protect their bottom line and will leverage resources to avoid liability or reduce damages due to you and your family.

It is impossible to put a price on the value of the loss of a loved one, but the law allows economic recovery to financially compensate a victim’s family for the resulting economic burden and the loss of love and affection. It can be helpful to secure help from an experienced advocate for the survivors of wrongful death. At Klimist Law Firm, we fight to make sure those responsible for these devastating losses are held accountable under Texas law.

Considerate Counsel And Passionate Advocacy

The attorneys at Klimist Law Firm are here to counsel you during your time of need. We can ease these administrative burdens by handling communication with insurance companies and opposing counsel. We can help you and your family find the space to breathe while not losing out on holding the negligent parties liable. We are there to equalize the fight against defendants and their insurance companies.

Most recently, with the extent of oil field production in this area of the state, trucking and oil field accidents have increased at an alarming frequency. These accidents can easily result in the tragic loss of a sole family provider or single parent. We fight to mitigate the fallout of these devastating circumstances and help our clients secure the care they need to find a way through.

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