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Practiced Representation for Victims of 18-Wheeler

For the past few years, you may have noticed an increase in 18-wheeler activity on the highways. The increased volume of huge tractor-trailers in local traffic is largely due to an uptick in transport along major corridors. If you have experienced driving alongside these massive vehicles, you likely understand that a collision with one would result in catastrophic damage, injury, and even wrongful death.

For 40 years, the attorneys at Klimist Law Firm have stood beside those who have suffered a serious injury at the hands of a negligent driver. Whether navigating the complex liability of commercial truck accidents or helping determine fault in an automobile collision, our attorneys have the experience our clients need to see them successfully through this tragedy.

We Know How To Handle Insurance Companies

The job of insurance adjusters is to protect their bottom line. They will often do everything they can to avoid paying out any compensation, regardless of the circumstances of the claim. We know how to work with adjusters who attempt to avoid liability. With Klimist Law Firm on your side, you benefit from over 40 years of litigation experience securing favorable verdicts and settlements.

When you bring your case to our office, the first thing to do is to eliminate or build in a reimbursement plan for the litigation cost. We will ensure that any winning judgments come at no cost to you and provide the compensation you need.

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