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Legal Protections For The Family Legacy

As the “baby boomer” generation nears retirement, the average value of a family estate has escalated. In fact, many people going through retirement may not even know just how valuable their estate may be. Though this may sound like good news, an increase in value means nothing if it isn’t protected with comprehensive estate planning from a knowledgeable lawyer. Thankfully, the attorneys at Klimist Law Firm are here for you.

Estate planning is a complex process involving many government agencies and financial professionals. Our attorneys have over 40 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, families, and businesses to protect their assets, and have accumulated a wealth of information that can help families like yours prepare for the future.

We Will Fight For Your Inheritance

In addition to providing comprehensive estate planning services, our attorneys are well-practiced in probate litigation, trust disputes, and will contests. You may wish to contest a will if:

  • You believe someone exercised undue influence and wrongly manipulated the decedent into revising the will for personal benefit.
  • You believe fraud took place during the signing of the will.
  • You believe the decedent was not of sound mind for the signing of the will.
  • You believe the decedent did not follow legal procedure when drafting the will.
  • You believe the will is a forgery.

Other disputes we handle include breach of fiduciary duty, claims against the estate from third parties, and kinship disputes among heirs and victims of disinheritance. Our experience in probate, family, and business law enables us to look at all aspects of an estate when it is either being defended or challenged.

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