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Dedicated To Providing Skilled Co-Counsel Litigation To Our Community

The myriad accomplishments and victories the attorneys at Klimist Law Firm have secured have bolstered our reputation as a local community servant and leader. From our home base in Victoria, we have traveled all across South Texas practicing law and providing aid as local and co-counsel in cases of all kinds. We proudly assist other firms and businesses in the area by leveraging our intimate knowledge of the local court and jury systems to further community interests.

For 40 years, attorney Bernard T. Klimist has invested his time and energy into competently advocating for his clients and community. These efforts have earned him a reputation for trust, professionalism, and results. His familiarity with local judges and court systems can be invaluable as co-counsel for attorneys or professionals new to Victoria.

Legal Guidance You Can Trust

Any attorney that has litigated in an unfamiliar area understands the value of a local knowledge base. Simply understanding local customs or turns of phrase can help an attorney better represent their Victoria client and help protect their interests. This is why the attorneys at Klimist Law Firm proudly offer their co-counsel services to visiting attorneys in need of local support. By supporting them, we further our investment in the Victoria community and the protection of its people.

Attorneys seeking local co-counsel can particularly benefit from our experience during jury selection. Our broad knowledge base was built from years of community service in and around Victoria and helps us provide keen insight when selecting jury members that nonlocals simply do not have.

We are happy to provide references upon request.

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Those needing co-counsel services in South Texas can call the attorneys at Klimist Law Firm to start the conversation. Spanish-speaking services are available as needed.

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