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Personal Injury Litigation/Accidents

The loss or severe injury of a loved one or injury to yourself causes untold suffering, both emotionally and financially. Problems that will arise are often overwhelming. You need competent and experienced help to get through those times.

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Wrongful Death Accidents

Facing the loss of a loved one, whether it be a parent, spouse, or child, changes the course of a person’s life. The result of such a devastating loss can also include the loss of support, economic loss, or the loss of love and affection. During your time of grief, it may be difficult to make a decision that is in your best interest or the best interest your family. Insurance companies will have the resources to avoid liability or reduce damages that you and the other surviving family members are entitled to.

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Commercial Business and Commercial Litigation

Having started with a business degree and private business prior to law school, Bernard T. Klimist is well versed in protecting a business. For more than 30 years Bernard T. Klimist has litigated for business interests while representing some of the most reputable companies in this area and the State of Texas. We have obtained verdicts of all sizes, as well as successfully defended companies against both meritorious and frivolous law suits.

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Probate/Estate Litigation

In this day and time of the "Baby Boomer Generation" passing, values of estates have escalated. Due to the rise in value of oilfield property as well as stocks and other business, many individuals find themselves in a position to be the victim of poor estate planning. Property that may not have been worth fighting over 20 years ago is now extremely valuable. Due to manipulation by unethical, immoral, or greedy parties, many times rightful heirs are cut out by siblings, family members, or non-family members in an illegal or unlawful manner. If you have been a victim of disinheritance we may be able to help you.

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Oil and Gas Litigation / 18-Wheeler Accidents

With the increased activity in the oilfield of the Eagleford Shale, 18-wheelers are dominating our highways while companies are producing as quickly as they can in the oilfield. This has resulted in numerous and severe accidents both on the rigs and on the highway. Bernard T. Klimist has over 20 years of experience representing individuals who have been injured both on the highways as a result of the 18-wheeler accidents, or on the rigs as a result of the negligence of parties in the production of oil and gas.

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