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Oilfield / 18-Wheeler Accidents

With the increased activity in the oilfield of the Eagleford Shale, 18-wheelers are dominating our highways while companies are producing as quickly as they can in the oilfield. This has resulted in numerous and severe accidents both on the rigs and on the highway. Bernard T. Klimist has over 20 years of experience representing individuals who have been injured both on the highways as a result of the 18-wheeler accidents, or on the rigs as a result of the negligence of parties in the production of oil and gas. When someone is severely injured or killed on an oil rig, the first action is that everyone who has touched the incident is brought into litigation. Many times those in need of a good trial lawyer are the companies who have no liability but have been brought in by an overzealous plaintiff. The first action of our office in such a case is often to find a source of insurance or payment for the company so that their litigation cost is eliminated or reimbursed. In conjunction with that, we also make sure the company is well protected and defended as best as they can be.

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